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"Ian Group is another sharp arrow in my agency’s quiver.  While most claims go without a hitch, for those that have the potential to become a challenge, or have already gone South, IAN Group provides straight forward analysis, expectation management, strategic advocacy and complete follow through.  We have accounted for multiple “wins”, that without IAN Group’s dogged determination, would have been highly improbable.  IAN Group provides a value added service that sets my agency apart from the rest."
Ben Bartlett - Bartlett, Baggett & Shands Insurance Agency 

"We are nothing but impressed with Trent and the IAN Group staff on how they handled one of our “problem children”. While this client threatened our agency with lawsuits and Texas Department of Insurance complaints we decided to get the IAN Group involved. While the carrier was correct in their adjustment of the claim, Trent was able to discuss this in a way to the client, where he was able to understand and reason with the disappointment of 'all things are covered.'"

"On a side note by hiring the IAN Group, it shows our agency IS DOING everything reasonable to help our clients, which in-turn shows the big bad lawyers and TDI that we are fighting for our clients. Therefore, there is no factual claim against the agency."

“Trent’s knowledge of the policy is certainly above par it’s how he is able to see the end result using the policy language that is certainly his gift.”
Tracie Loweance - Agent

“rent’s knowledge on claims and the association of risk is nothing but magical. I don’t understand, nor will I understand what “lens” he looks through to see coverage and or assess coverage in a way that not only helps the clients, but also helps the insurance carrier.

“Should I even ask how you were able to get this paid?”
Bill Bridges - CEO DFB/Insurica

“The IAN Group has moved the negotiation starting point into a position that will favor the end result, to which they have already seen the outcome.  This is purely brilliant.”
Vice President of Claims, Independent Insurance Carrier

“We are part of a multi-million dollar facility that works with vendors throughout the world.  We asked Trent to sit in on our Emergency Action Plan and was astounded by the questions he poised for us to consider.  Even more interesting was that he already had the answer to our 'what if'".
Gary Culp, Vice President Global Animal Products, Inc.

“IAN Group and their staff is incomprehensible!  I have sold insurance for over 40 years and I would consider myself an expert in the business.  What I have realized is that while I can sell the product, in this day and age the agent doesn’t have near the “stroke” we once had with adjuster and carriers.  The IAN Group has the knowledge and language to communicate to not only the policyholder but to the carrier in a way that the end result is achieved and both parties are actually in agreement. That just doesn’t happen!”
Regional Manager, Independent Insurance Carrier

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