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IAN Group History

IAN Group formulated based on the knowledge and foresight of owner, Trent Phillips. Trent has 20 years of claims experience, handling over 35,000 claims. He has also been on the producer side selling insurance products. It was quickly noted the carriers would recognize Trent’s expertise when a claim occurred and began to lean on his knowledge to help handle claims within the agency. Trent’s forethought brought a claims mentality to the agency and began to handle all claims of the agency as a value added service. The immediate customer satisfaction was apparent and agencies began to see extremely high retention rate and a 100% retention rate when it came to the handling of a claim.

The IAN Group stands for Insurance Advocacy Network, which just so happens to be the name of his son. There isn’t anything more important than family. Each agency, even though may be insuring a business, those employees have families and those families are dependent on the company they work for to continue to thrive, even if a disaster hits. This is Trent’s mission to take care of those who are affected by something beyond their control. Changing the status quo.

About Trent Phillips

Trent grew up in Amarillo, TX (the tornado belt of the United States), began his insurance career working for his uncle while attending Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas. With the assistance of his uncle he was employed by a large captive company where he worked as a claim representative and moved up into handling complex litigated claims and moved into a position where he traveled and handled natural disasters throughout the United States. With the birth of his son, Ian, in 2004 he settled down and began to work for an independent insurance agency in Amarillo. His love for claims did not diminish but grew stronger.

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